Unconditional Love- Class Assembly of 5A

– Master Raunaksingh Banga 5A

The class assembly of std 5A was held on 16th January, 2018 at 9:00am in the gym area of Don’t Bosco high school, Matunga. The assembly began with a short meditation led by Miss.Jancy, the class teacher of 5A. The theme for the assembly was ‘Unconstitutional Love, the love that does not keep a record of wrongs.’

The program began with the national anthem followed by prayer and the pledge. The class presented a skit on the Biblical story of Jacob who lived with his twelve sons in Canaan. Among all the sons, the father’s favorite one was Joseph. The father honoured his dearest son with a multicolored coat which led to jealousy among the brothers for Joseph. The very next day, the brothers decided to tear his coat and dump him in the pit. As some Ishmaelites came by, the brothers changed the plan and sold Joseph to them as a slave for some silver coins and lied to their father saying that Joseph was attacked by an animal and was killed.

Many years passed and Joseph was in a prison in Egypt on some false charges. One night the Pharaoh of Egypt had a disturbing dream. Someone suggested Joseph’s name to the king, stating that Joseph would be the perfect person to interpret the dream. Pharaoh explained the dream to Joseph, and Joseph interpreted the dream to the king; which was about seven years of bumper crops followed by seven years of famine. The King was pleased with the interpretation and rewarded Joseph with a prominent position in the king’s palace. As the time of famine approached the family of Joseph had a difficult time in Canaan. The brothers came to Egypt to buy food grains and they could not recognize their brother Joseph. But Joseph hugged his brothers with an unconditional love and forgiveness.

A beautiful action song was performed by the students of class 5A. The assembly ended with Fr. Crispino and Fr. Bernard’s appreciation of the hard work and efforts by the class teacher and the students and with a mention of the importance of unconditional love and forgiveness in the family

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