Virtual Field Trip
Std. IV
Field Trips can create wonder and excitement for learning.
Today our school had arranged a Virtual Field Trip. It was an amazing trip. We travelled by train virtually to 5 states of India. We visited Punjab, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Bengal. Out of these 5 states that we visited, I liked the state of Punjab the most. The variety of cuisines of that state is delicious. I enjoyed every bit of the moment. It was an enjoyable trip.
Jashan Sharma IV C

We the boys of Std.4 had the most awaiting event, that was our field trip. Every year we visit a particular place, but this year it was something different. Our school management gave us this opportunity of going on a virtual field trip. We visited 5 states of India. It was an enriching trip. I got to know about the language, culture, festivals and cuisines of each state. I thoroughly enjoyed the Virtual Field Trip.
Agnelo D’Souza IV C

Don Bosco boys of Std.4 had their field trip on 29th October, 2020. It was a Virtual Field Trip. It was a great pleasure to learn about our Indian culture and food. We visited 5 states of India. We got to learn about important places, the state language, the capital, culture, festivals celebrated, dress code, different cuisines of each state. It was an enjoyable trip. I would like to thank our teacher for this wonderful and knowledgeable trip.
Yaksh Karkera IV C

Today the 29th of October, 2020, was a great day for the boys of Std. 4. This day was great because we went on a Virtual Field Trip with our class teacher Mrs. Pearl Lobo for the first time during this academic year. Before we could begin with our field trip, we asked the Lord to shower his blessings on each one of us. We visited 5 states of India – Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bengal, Punjab and Kerala. We got to know the important places, culture, eating habits and capital of each state. Later we made a collage of one particular state of our choice. This trip was indeed a refreshing and an enriching experience to all of us. This field trip will be a memorable one. Thanks to our teachers.
Atharva Matkar IV C

Today we had our online class which was a little different from the normal class, because we were privileged to have a Virtual Field Trip. Our teacher took us to 5 states of India- Maharashtra, Bengal, Kerala, Gujarat and Punjab. I actually felt that I was travelling in the train to the different states. It was a beautiful moment and a lovely experience visiting these places and getting to know about each state in detail. I thoroughly enjoyed the field trip and hope to have this type of field trip in future.
Aaron Hosankar IV C

We had our Virtual Field Trip on October 29, 2020. We visited states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Bengal and Kerala. The teacher explained to us the important places or tourist places, state language, traditional food, dress, capital etc. Teacher also screened a video on the folk dances of these states. This trip gave us the knowledge about each state. It was truly a memorable one. Thanks to our teachers.
Keith D’Souza IV C

I would like to share my experience of the online Field Trip, which was held on 29th October, 2020. Initially, I wondered, that a Field trip without moving out of the house would not be enjoyable but this was an amazing experience for all of us. I visited a lot of places like Punjab, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Bengal. We had to make a collage of any one state of our choice. I thoroughly enjoyed making the collage and visiting these places. Thanks to our teacher for giving us this opportunity.
Param Pawar IV C

Virtual Field Trip – Unity in Diversity

All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go!!!As expected, my teacher outdid herself once again by taking us on an interstate trip across India. It all started with the virtual bus ride and some fun picnic songs. The first ever bus ride where all students got a window seat. As we cruised along, I could literally feel the breeze on my face. Only the snacks were missing. On our journey we witnessed some amazing local dance forms and visited the capitals of the states we drove through. Never thought India was this big and diverse. I thoroughly enjoyed this long trip and hope to go on many more. Have to go unpack now, bye!!!
Caleb Dias IV D

My First Virtual Field Trip…….Our first Field Trip in Class IV, although we are still unable to go outdoors due to the Covid situation, I was looking forward to our Field Trip today. We all joined online class before 11 and were super excited. I could tell Teacher Kashmira was excited for us too. We boarded our virtual bus and said our prayers. Caleb and Stefan sang picnic songs and we began our travel to five different and interesting states of our vibrant country India. We began with our own Maharashtra and learnt about the beautiful places, traditional attire, delicious cuisine and the local language. We then visited Punjab, Kerala, Bengal and Gujarat. It was an interesting experience and my class mates shared their travel stories too. Our Teacher Kashmira explained to us that although the lifestyle, dressing and food is different in all our states, what unites us all is our diversity. I loved my first virtual field trip and am sure my class friends enjoyed it too. Thank you Teacher Kashmira for making it a special one.
Brendon Barretto IV D

I was very excited when teacher informed us about the virtual field trip in and around our country. I learned a lot about the different states I visited. Thanks to our class teacher for making us feel as if we were on an actual tour. I enjoyed watching the dance forms of the different states and making a collage too.
Jacob Singh IV D

When teacher informed us about our virtual field trip I was very excited. During the online session teacher told us that we will travel to five different states in India. We started our journey from Maharashtra state. Then we went to Gujarat, Punjab, Bengal and Kerala. I enjoyed watching the power point presentation which teacher explained in detail. It was a great experience for me. Thank you teacher.
Aryan Parab IV D

For the first time I experienced a virtual field trip. We said our prayers as soon as we entered the virtual bus and sang picnic songs. We visited the states of Maharashtra, Punjab, Kerala, Gujarat and Bengal. I learned about the important festivals celebrated, traditional clothes and dances. I enjoyed watching the videos. Students shared their views of the different states they had visited. My school is the world’s best school. They never miss any activity for us.
Vihaan Charaniya IV D

I enjoyed today’s virtual field trip. It was a great experience for me. This field trip was conducted pertaining to the topic of our EVS I lesson. We visited five states of India and learned about their capital cities, festivals, languages spoken and dance forms. Thank you teacher for all that you do for us.
Samarth Chavan IV D

Today a virtual field trip was organized for the students of Std IV. I was really excited about the trip. Teacher explained to us the different states of India and its diversity. It was such a good and thrilling experience. This field trip will always be
remembered by me. A big thanks to Ms. Kashmira for having this lovely session with us and conducting all the activities planned for the year.
Abid Khan IV D

This year we were informed that we would have a Virtual Field Trip hence I was excited as well as anxious. We did try to ask Kashmira Teacher how and where are we going but she kept it as a secret. Prior to the session, Teacher discussed which places we all have been for holidays and everyone shared the information happily. It was nice to rewind all our memories. Then once our class started Teacher told us all to imagine that we were on an actual trip and on our way in the bus. She asked some boys to sing picnic songs and then as always to add some fun element she asked us to keep shaking ourselves a bit to feel as if we are going through a bumpy road. It was so much fun! Our topic was “Unity in Diversity” which is one topic which I am so proud of. We live in a country with so many different states, people, languages, art and culture. She took us on a beautiful journey through the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, West Bengal and Kerala via videos and pictures. I got to relive my memories of Punjab trip with my family, shared it with the class and look forward to visit the states where I have not been yet. This journey made my belief stronger that my country is the most beautiful creation on this earth and I want to explore each and every state, the people, the food, the culture as there is so much more to India than I know. My parents and I have planned to visit one state every year to spend our holiday and to experience the beauty of our country. Finally, Teacher told us to shout out loud one thing which I had been longing for “Bosco Bosco Bosco Don Bosco”. These words made me feel as if I am standing in my basketball court and cheering for my school. It was an unreal experience where I realized how much I miss going to school as well as travelling around the country. Teacher advised us to make a collage of any state as an activity. I chose “Sikkim” as I want to visit our heavenly North eastern state for my holidays. A big thanks to Kashmira Teacher for making this virtual field trip a realistic and meaningful experience for all of us!
Rushaan Marolikar IV D

Today was an exciting day for all of us. We had a field trip of a different kind, a virtual tour. While it has been the attempt of our teacher to familiarize us with India and the various states, we were given glimpses of Maharashtra, Punjab, Gujarat, Kerala and Bengal. Truly India is beautiful and incredible.
Ishaan Aiyer IV D



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