Master Aakarsh Nair 10B

‘Miss, what’s the marking for the second answer?’This is a commonly asked question in every class now-a-days. May it be any of the Social Sciences or the Languages, ‘markings’ have found a way into all our subjects. Students only raise their heads at the end of the class when the teacher announces that she’s ‘marking’ the answers for the lesson. During a substitution class you will chance upon a couple of boys ambling about the class with the all important query: Do you have markings of the chapter, the Industrial revolution?

The question to be asked is, Why are we so enamoured of  the term ‘markings’? Well, the best answer to it is the wonderful concept of Rote Learning, which has now become the way of life as far as our learning goes. All we students care about is what’s there between the two square brackets and nothing else..!! May the most interesting of facts be printed, we won’t care because we do not have to learn it!! What has been a rather sad observation is that students now prefer one subject over the other, only because that’s the easier one to rote learn. Surprisingly, Moral Science, a subject which aims to hone the student’s personality and instill values in them, is also being ‘marked’ now. YES, values for life are being overruled for the sake of grades.

What if I say none of the dictionaries have defined ‘Markings’ as the one we’ve presumed to be the only meaning. ‘Markings’ in the Don Bosco lexicon has a queer meaning, and it becomes the buzzword as the exams near.

Markings, Markings, Markings-it has become the Holy Grail for us students. It’s the single most important thing we value. It’s the little speck of light in an otherwise dark life of ours. The only thing we might need our teachers for is to give us markings, that’s it! (Probably, to explain them too..?)  This exam oriented learning of ours acts as a potential barrier to the expansion of our horizons!

It is disturbing that the whole education system of ours has boiled down to ‘Rote Learning’, but who’s to blame? Students are pressured with various classes, teachers, too, have got comfortable with the process; the education board is showing some gradual changes. Will we welcome an education system sans rote learning ?  Time to give an answer that has not been ‘marked.’

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