Water Experiments You Can do in the Kitchen
-Articles by students of Std IV D
As we learned all about water we had a great experience in class with the various experiments conducted by us and our Class Teacher. There were various substances added to water and we saw how some completed dissolved, some floated, some sank to the bottom, some changed the colour of water, honey sweetened the taste of water etc. I really understood when a substance dissolves in water, a mixture of that substance and water is formed and this mixture is called the solution of that substance.
– Subramanian Pillai

It was a great learning experience seeing the experiments conducted in class. There was pin drop silence in the class as teacher kept us occupied while the experiments were conducted. We observed salt completely dissolved in water. The wheat flour dissolved and changed the colour of the water to lemon colour. Turmeric changed the water to mango colour. Sawdust did not dissolve in the water, but rose to the top. When washing soda was mixed in the water the glass became hot. We enjoyed all the experiments conducted in class.
– Liam Sequeira

I have learned experiments in school which are natural and controlled. Following are a few learnings: Water is a substance that can be used to understand the dissolved and undissolved substances. Eg. Sugar, salt, washing soda dissolve in water but sand, turmeric powder, oil do not dissolve even on stirring. Since I viewed these I now understand that each substance has its meaning and value. Also, it was nice to understand that few things like plastic ruler, rubber band, groundnut shells etc float in water while things like metal, coins drown in water. Every action of a substance has a reaction, that’s what creates and makes an experiment. I enjoyed every experiment teacher conducted in class and was happy when she gave each one of us an opportunity to participate and handle the same under her guidance.
– Abishai Sequeira

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