My Cultural day this year had the theme “Hands to serve and Hearts to love” . I had taken part in the Prayer dance. The special thing about my dance was that it was a shadow dance. We had to dance behind a white curtain and our parents could only see our shadows dancing through the curtain. I was happy because my mummy could recognize me in spite of the curtain. The other songs, plays and dances were also enjoyable. We learnt that we should always love each other and be ready to help everyone in need – Vikrant Shenoy 3C

The function held was very good and I can see the beautiful environment was created by boys and participation of each and every pupil was of utmost satisfaction, same was appreciated by one and all in the auditorium – Venkata Charan Surepalli 3C

I liked the cultural day very much. As I enjoyed the dance with the prop(clappers). It was awesome. The shadow dance was the one iI liked the most– Merwyn Oliveira 3C

The cultural day was very nice…The costumes selected were really different. .I think that’s good thinking. Everything was done well- Ian Coutinho 3C

Our culture day was excellent. Every participant performed very well. Each dance gave us message of spreading love, kindness and bring the change that we would like to see in the world . We enjoyed the programme. It was a memorable entertainment – Chirag Kamble 3C

Wow it was a beautiful cultural day I enjoyed it the most. But my prayer song took too much of practice because of  which  I was tired but I enjoyed it and I liked Std.3 D songs; they sang with a golden voice; our 3rd standard is a standard with finesse. And the crowd too was full of energy; they cheered everyone. One of the best things was that in every programs there was a technical problem, but Christopher uncle handled it so well that I was happy. This year’s cultural day was a day which I will not forget in my whole life. Special thanks to Miss Sarra and Fr.Bernard for all your support- Ishant Jain 3C

Very good messages by kids – always have helping hand. It was a nice show and enjoyable- Ali Shaikh 3C

I loved the cultural day and loved the song which I sang “long live love” and the costume too. I liked the way my fellow students were performing on the stage be it drama performed by D-division or the dance by B-division– Chaitanya Tayade 3C

The cultural day is a unique programme . The Cultural day is the most memorable day of our school. Kids work hard and participate in dancing and singing activities of cultural day. On cultural day parents come and see their children performing. This is a very different concept and it is really beautiful and amazing. This cultural day was a great success because of the great efforts taken by the teachers. Thanks to them. I really enjoyed the cultural day programme – Adi Seth 3C

The cultural day was very well managed. The children were very well prepared. Overall excellent feedback- Yohaan Fatakia 3C

I really had an awesome time at the cultural day. I liked the songs and costumes a lot and I appreciate especially the shadow dance – Aryan Kothari 3C


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