Write-up on Around the World for Students Corner – Std II A

On 16th September, three teachers from outside our school came to our class. They taught us about different countries like Japan, Egypt, Australia and England. I got to know about the kangaroo for the first time. I learnt that there are different types of flags for different countries. I also learnt that my favourite game, cricket is from England. I was surprised to learn that the pyramids of Egypt are taller than our building.I like the flag of Japan because it is easy to draw.

                                                                                                Ambar Annarkar


I was excited to make the booklet on the famous landmarks of Australia, England, Egypt and Japan. My parents helped me to make the booklet. Once I visit these countries, then I will be able to use this information.

                                                                                               Varad More

I enjoyed the Beyond Academics session on Around the World. I enjoyed doing the various activities, especially the colouring of the kangaroo with the ear bud.

It will help me a lot while travelling around the world. Yes, I will definitely like more sessions like this. A big thank you to my teacher and the Beyond Academics team for making our day so enjoyable and informative.

Rugved Naik

 The session ‘Around the world’ we had in our school was enjoyable. We got to know the history, capitals and currency of the four major countries in the world. We made a passport by sticking the picture of the flag of the four countries. We also wrote the currencies which these countries use. We also made a booklet ‘Around the World’. We stuck pictures of the important landmarks and monuments of these countries. This activity helped us a lot.

Jonathan Ryan

During the Around the World session, we learnt about four countries- Australia, England, Egypt and Japan. We learnt about the different currencies in these countries. In Australia, I would love to visit the Great Barrier Reef and the Blue mountains. In Egypt, we learnt about the Pyramids where the great kings were buried. We also learnt about Big Ben and Buckingham Palace where the Queen lives.

Someday, I would like to travel to all these countries and learn more about them. I enjoyed the interactive session a lot and would love to have more of them.

                                                                                                Ethan Fonseca


The Around the World class was really impressive.I got lots of knowledge and information about different countries.I collected pictures and information about various countries.This information has been very useful to me.I will use this information if I visit these countries.I enjoyed the class and making the booklet was fun.I would like to do more exciting activities like this.

                                                                                                Abel Wilson

I made a booklet of Around the world.I wrote information about different countries i.e. Australia, England, Japan, Egypt. My mother and I had a great time collecting information and pictures from the internet about these places.I enjoyed this class because it improved my general knowledge.I would like to do more sessions like this.

Shrihaan Gurram

 The topic – Around the world was a wonderful experience for me. I have learnt a lot about different countries. Appreciate all my teachers for their efforts in helping us to learn something around the world, part from studies, having shared geographical knowledge too.People from different countries have different lifestyles, unique culture, different eating patterns and different languages. We really had great fun learning about the world.

Harnek Singh Matta

 It was a very informative session where we learnt about four different countries: Japan, Egypt, England and Australia. The session was a play way method. It was easy for us to retain the information. Hope to have these types of sessions again and again.

Veer Parmar

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