Write- ups for Readathon Day and Social Awareness March – Std II A

 Readathon Day

Readathon Day was held on 1st October. We had to read stories from a story book. I felt relaxed while reading the story. I wrote the story of ‘The Greedy Dog ‘with pictures and a moral. We also did an activity on this day. I enjoyed this day a lot.



Since I love reading, I was looking forward to the Readathon Day as we were informed about it earlier. We were told to read our story bookswhich we brought from home, in class. I found this way of reading very relaxing. I wish that every day,one period in class would be for reading story books of our choice. I also made a story frieze in class. I had collected pictures of the story with a moral. It was exciting. I felt as if I was an author writing my own story book which will get published.                                                                                          -Aryan Shadija


I have lots of story books at home. The Readathon Day is to help us read more during that time period than we would during any other time. We enjoyed doing the story writing and we now know how to make a frieze.

– HimanshuVerma


I like to read books. On Readathon Day we made a frieze on a moral story. My teacher clicked our photos while we were making the story frieze. I was excited to read the story. I enjoyed the Readathon Day very much.

– Devansh Singh


Readathon day was conducted on 1st October 2019 in school. The day began with a pledge. Students read story books of their choice. A few students were invited to narrate the story before the class. Activities like doing a work sheet and a story frieze were enjoyed by us.

– OjasGadge


Readathon day is also known as Vachan Diwas. It was a joyful day where we did many activities like reading and writing stories. Our teacher taught us to make a story frieze in which we stuck pictures of a particular story that we chose to write about. I enjoyed it very much.

– Hassan Saiyed


We celebrated Readathon day on 1st October. We all carried story books to class. Everybody read the story books in the class. It motivated me to read more at home and I realised the importance of reading books. It also inspired us to write. Reading keeps our mind strong, active and healthy. Books are our best friends. Along with story reading, we also had an activity. I wrote a short story and stuck pictures. I enjoyed the activity and in future, this activity will help me to write more stories.

– RugvedNaik


I liked the idea of the Readathon day. It develops the habit of reading in children. We also improve our language, knowledge and vocabulary when we read regularly. I had a great time reading a story book in front of all my friends.

Abel Wilson


Our school had a Readathon day on 1st October 2019. We children were asked to bring story books for this day. We read our story book which had a moral at the end. I loved this Readathon day as it encourages children to read more.

Jonathan Ryan



                                               Social Awareness March

We celebrate the birthday of our ‘Father of the Nation’, Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October every year. Our teachers tookall the students out for a March around the school. We learnt from Gandhiji that forgiveness is better than hatred and also about his policy of peace and non- violence. I would like to learn more about Bapuji.



Gandhiji had gone on a Dandi March. We students went ona Social Awareness March on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.We marched together and completed a

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