Young Scientist – My Own Book of Science
A simple experiment lifting ice without touching it.
Materials: Ice-cubes, thread, common salt
-Students of Std IV D reflect on their experience in class

I enjoyed the experiment teacher conducted in class. It was magical when the ice got lifted with a piece of thread. I also carried out the experiment at home and was happy to show the same to my parents.
Eshant NikamStd – IV D

I tried the experiment at home. It was a great learning experience. Doing it on my own was very exciting. I was quite amazed to see the thread holding the ice after common salt was added to it. I feel I am a young scientist. I now look forward to doing many more experiments
Liam Sequeira – Std IV D

I was very excited when teacher performed the experiment and amazed to see how a small piece of thread could hold an ice cube. I felt it was magic. It was a wonderful experience when teacher asked me to hold the ice hanging on to the thread.
Parth Chintal – Std IV D

I understood that common salt lowered the freezing point of water when added to the ice cube. The ice melted as a layer of salt was put over it. The water cooled down again and re-froze around the string. Science is wonderful.
Sanjith Narayan –Std IV D

It was a very interesting experiment and teacher explained it step by step. I tried out the experiment in various ways. I tried keeping two ice-cubes and using the same thread and sprinkled salt on both the ice-cubes. It was amazing to see a garland of ice when I lifted the thread with both my hands. I enjoyed doing this experiment.
Abishai Sequeira – Std IV D

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